zeroT is based on Colibri T20 module from Toradex. We put in this powerful CPU a multitasking CODESYS V3 adaption for Windows Embedded Compact 7. Apart the standard CODESYS PLC and HMI with zero T you have: - support... more
Die NivuLink-Geräte sind Gateways für dezentrale Netzwerke zur Direkt­anbindung an SPS, I/Os oder an ein NICOS SCADA- und Fernwirksystem. Die individuellen Anbindungsmöglichkeiten ermöglichen die einfache Integration in... more
ZheJiang SUPCON Electronics Co. Ltd.
32 bit processor,850MIPS,support 128K I/O signals,256KB NVRAM,1 RS232,1 CANopen,3 Ethernet,support CANopen,profibus,EPA field buses,support redundancy of two CPUs. more
Distributed control - PIO
Beijer Electronics
Programmable I/O adds CODESYS control, cut to your requirements The Programmable I/O combines powerful CODESYS control with the opportunity to build control systems to the exact size and specifications for the I/O... more
Micro Drive
Brunner Elektronik AG
The Micro Drive is a compact and intelligent servo drive with a wide range of options for parameterization. Communication takes place via the CANopen protocol and device profiles DS-301 more
750-8202 PFC200 CS 2ETH RS
WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG
The PFC200 supports a wide variety of standard ETHERNET protocols, has two ETHERNET interfaces, an RS 232/485 interface and an integrated web server. It features 16 MB program, 64 MB data, 128 KB retain memory and an SD... more
Hitachi Europe GmbH
Hitachi's PLC series MICRO-EHV+ is an all-in-one type compact PLC, packed with powerful functions. It offers easy start-up for users with no experience thanks to full compliance to CODESYS Version 3. All models have... more
exceet electronics AG
Das auf den eEP-M-CPU's (exceet Embedded Plattform) basierende 7'' WVGA-Touchpanel (resistiv, IP54) ist bezüglich Architektur (x86/ARM), Performance (1-4 Cores) sowie Schnittstellen höchst skalierbar. Optionen:... more
softMC 3
Servotronix Motion Control Ltd.
Compact Motion controller software and hardware package, offering internal extensive programming capabilities togther w CODESYS runtime, that have been successfully implemented in a variety of automation and robotic... more
▪ Embedded Controller for PLC / CNC / Motion ▪ Seamless integration of CNC and motion functionality ▪ CODESYS V3 runtime system ▪ Up to 32 CNC and up to 64 motion axes (combined) ▪ CNC with a variety of... more

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