Device Directory

Device Types and Industries

In order to make it easier for you to find the most suitable devices for your requirements, various properties have been assigned to the listed devices. The following device types and industries are available.

Descriptions of device types

  • CODESYS SoftPLC System:
    SoftPLC systems from CODESYS Group ("CODESYS Controls") available in the CODESYS Store for standard devices with an operating system. These devices become compatible controllers with the installation of a CODESYS Soft PLC
  • PLC / Compact PLC:
    Controllers that unite all functions in one device and that have no external extensions, typically small devices
  • Panel PLC:
    Controllers with a local display for a visualization (no PC-based PLCs)
  • Modular PLC:
    Controllers with a  modularly extensible I/O-system or with a fieldbus connection
  • PC-based PLC / Soft PLC:
    Controllers that are based on PC-technology, have Windows as their operating system and operate I/Os via a fieldbus
  • Motion / CNC Controller:
    Controllers that have been designed mainly for controlling several servo axes centrally in a coordinated manner through cyclical set point conditions
  • Intelligent / Programmable Drive:
    Logic controllers in a servo drive or frequency converter (with power electronics)
  • PLC Core:
    Electronic modules with CPU, IO/fieldbus, operating system and adjusted CODESYS Runtime System for the use on motherboards and/or customer-specific casings
  • Mobile PLC:
    Controllers for rugged environments for example with IP-65/67 and CAN, which are designed to be used mainly in vehicles and mobile work machines
  • Process Controller:
    Controllers that are connected to a control system via a communication connection – for local control in a process
  • Safety SIL2 Controller
    Safety controllers certified in accordance with IEC 61508 for all applications up to safety integrity level 2 (SIL2)
  • Safety SIL3 Controller
    Safety controllers certified in accordance with IEC 61508 for all applications up to safety integrity level 3 (SIL3)
  • Other programmable device
    Programmable devices that do not fit into one of the above mentioned categories

Descriptions of industries

  • Factory Automation
    Devices used in serial and customized machines for example polymeric machines, glasshaping machines, assembly machines, textile machines, packaging machines, paper and printing machines
  • Mobile Automation
    Control units (ECUs) used in mobile machines such as construction machines, cranes, industrial trucks, surface mining machines and transporters
  • Energy Automation
    Devices used in industrial applications for power generation and distribution for example for the control of solar power plants and block heating plants, wind turbines or transformer stations
  • Process Automation
    Devices used for controlling processes or plants for example in the chemical industry, in steel and aluminum rolling mills, for monitoring and controlling sewage or paper processing plants or telecontrol applications
  • Building Automation
    Devices used in building automation and building management for example for regulating lighting, shading or air conditioning technology, but also in higher level central management systems such as control rooms or tunnel systems
  • Other Industry
    Control devices used for different automation tasks in industries not mentioned above


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