Unidrive M600 AC drive

High performance drive for induction and sensorless permanent magnet motors.


0.75 kW - 2.8 MW Heavy Duty (1.0 hp - 4,200 hp)

200 V | 400 V | 575 V | 690 V


The M600 is ideal for applications that require high performance open-loop control of induction or permanent magnet motors.

Option modules are available for applications requiring more precise closed-loop velocity and digital lock/ frequency following of induction motors.

The drive features an onboard PLC which can execute IEC61131-3

Device Type
Intelligent / Programmable Drive
Typical Use of the Device in
Factory Automation, Mobile Automation, Process Automation
Programmed with CODESYS Version
CODESYS V3 Standard Version
Supported CODESYS products
CODESYS Store integrated
Supported CODESYS Fieldbus Products
CANopen Master/Slave, DeviceNet, Profibus, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP / RTU
Environmental Conditions for Operation
Control Cabinet