EK-IA1-TP Codesys PLC with KNX interface

This PLC, designed to be used in KNX installations for home and building automation, employs the Codesys environment to allow the execution of complex supervision and control programs in extension to those available in the standard KNX devices.

The device has an integrated interface to the KNX bus (which also supplies the operating power) and an USB port for programming.

To obtain the complete documentation and tool set, contact the technical service at the address support@ekinex.com.

Device Type
PLC / Compact PLC
Typical Use of the Device in
Building Automation
Programmed with CODESYS Version
CODESYS V3 Standard Version
Supported CODESYS products
CODESYS Store integrated
Supported CODESYS Fieldbus Products
Environmental Conditions for Operation
Control Cabinet