notion.C computer

"notion.ABC" - the independent operating system platform for device, machine and plant controllers.


For traditional installation in control panels, switch cabinets or consoles, "notion.C" combines the IP65 tight front unit of "notion.A" with the processing power of "notion.B". “notion.C” is the perfect companion to the compact switch cabinet control platform notion.B. With standard interfaces, it connects as well to other Industrial PC – keep your PC but change to modern notion-design!


Device Type
Panel PLC
Typical Use of the Device in
Factory Automation, Mobile Automation, Energy Automation, Process Automation, Other Industry
Programmed with CODESYS Version
CODESYS V3 Standard Version
Supported CODESYS products
CODESYS WebVisu, CODESYS TargetVisu, CODESYS SoftMotion, CODESYS SoftMotion CNC + Robotics, CODESYS Store integrated
Supported CODESYS Fieldbus Products
CANopen Master/Slave, Profibus, PROFINET, EtherCAT
Environmental Conditions for Operation