FCT200 is a compact embedded controller that works as a PLC with extended motion capability and CNC functionality. It is based on CODESYS V3 runtime System and on CANopen fieldbus. Many application libraries are available for motion, communication and other functions. It has the capability to manage up to 8 interpolated axes and 72 as auxiliary axes. Communication ports : Ethernet TCP/IP with many protocols (e.g. Modbus TCP) , Serial RS232/RS422, ProfibusDP, expansion port for local I/O.

Device Type
PLC / Compact PLC, Motion / CNC Controller
Typical Use of the Device in
Factory Automation, Process Automation, Other Industry
Programmed with CODESYS Version
CODESYS V3 Standard Version
Supported CODESYS products
CODESYS WebVisu, CODESYS SoftMotion, CODESYS Store integrated, Single Licensing on Device
Supported CODESYS Fieldbus Products
CANopen Master/Slave
Environmental Conditions for Operation
Control Cabinet