EHV+ Series EHV-CPU1025

The EHV+ series is a full IEC61131-3 compliant PLC based on CODESYS Ver. 3. It incorporates powerful hardware performance, such as multi-programming port (USB, Ethernet, serial), compatibility of I/O modules, high reliability and much more. The program memory size of EHV-CPU1025 is 512kByte and targeted on small to medium automation tasks. EtherCAT master function, Modbus TCP client and Modbus RTU master are supported..

Device Type
Modular PLC
Typical Use of the Device in
Factory Automation, Process Automation, Building Automation, Other Industry
Programmed with CODESYS Version
Customized Version of CODESYS V3: EHV-CODESYS
Supported CODESYS products
CODESYS Store integrated
Supported CODESYS Fieldbus Products
DeviceNet, Profibus, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP / RTU
Environmental Conditions for Operation
Control Cabinet